Top 3 Healthy Snack Spots in Miami

Top 3 Healthy Snack Spots in Miami

So many of us are over worked, under slept and simply don't have the time or energy to figure out what’s healthy for us. Busy people end up eating unhealthy snacks. We decided to come up with a list of healthy snack locations that offer the healthiest and tastiest snacks in Miami. These spots not only have tasty snacks that you will love, the snacks will love you back!

 1. Our first healthy snack spot is Nabati Ice Cream Store in Wynwood!

All the Ice Cream made at Nabati is made from scratch, using only organic ingredients, super foods, without gums, stabilizers, or starches!

nabati healthy snack ice cream

 2. Our second healthy snack spot is the Verde Market!

The Verde Market is a sustainable market with two locations in Midtown and South Miami. Miami’s Verde Market has snacks ranging from roasted almonds to corn nuggets. Don’t forget your container the Verde Market is a sustainable market so not only is the food healthy for you but, you get to save the environment.

healthy snacks

 3. Our third healthy snack spot is Manna Life Foods in Brickell

Our favorite snack from Manna Life Foods is their Superfood Arepas. Each Arepa comes with organic corn, chia & golden flax seeds, sea salt, and coconut oil.

healthy snack arepa

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